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Medeli ST430 Wooden Keyboard Stand with Pedal
Paiste 14" PST 3 Hi-Hat Cymbals (PAIR)
Paiste 14″ PST 3 Hi-Hat Cymbals (PAIR)

Paiste 20″ PST 3 Ride Cymbal

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Weight: medium-heavy

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Swiss-designed 20″ Brass Ride

This Swiss-designed brass cymbal typifies classic Paiste character — clean cut and focused brilliance — at a price point that will appeal to beginning and budget-conscious drummers. The 20″ Paiste PST 3 ride cymbal boasts great definition for timekeeping and ride patterns, with a pronounced bell tone and a full wash for accents. Get the tools you need without breaking the bank, with the Paiste PST 3 series.

Paiste’s PST 3 series at a glance

The Paiste PST 3 series represents a breakthrough in what entry-level cymbals can offer, both in terms of range and value. These Swiss-designed hi-hats, crashes, and ride and FX cymbals are crafted from affordable MS63 brass, able to deliver the clean, focused Paiste character that drummers around the world depend on. Whether you’re just starting out or finally fleshing out your cymbal collection, Paiste PST 3 cymbals from Sweetwater offer value beyond their price point.

Paiste PST 3 20″ Ride Cymbal Features:

  • Weight: medium-heavy
  • Volume: soft to loud
  • Stick sound: balanced
  • Intensity: medium-lively
  • Sustain: medium-long
  • Bell character: full, pronounced, fairly
Additional information
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 20 cm


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