Hybrid HMH 100S FX 4x80W Spot Moving Heads in Flightcase
Hybrid HMH 100S FX 4x80W Spot Moving Heads in Flightcase
August 15, 2019
Hybrid HT20 Diaphragm
Hybrid HT20 Diaphragm
August 16, 2019

Hybrid+ IM8.4U 6-Channel Installation Mixer


Installation Mixer, 6 Channel & 2 Microhpone, Inbuilt USB Soundcard (In & Out), Low-High Output EQs, Low-Mid-High Mic EQ, Master + 3 Zone Outputs with Switchable Input Source, XLR Balanced Outputs, RCA Unbalanced Master Output, 10 LED Output Display, 5 LED Zone Display, 3U High, 19″ Rack Mountable.

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  • 6x Stereo input channels, each with Gain + Each output zone with rear-side adjustable
    control, 2-color Signal/Peak LED and 45mm maximum level control
    smooth dual-rail fader + Each output zone both on balanced XLR and
  • Stereo rhanne’s rear-side switchable Phoenix connectors; stereo zone with
    etween Line an ono additional unbalanced RCA output
  • Stereo rhanne’s lao switchable + Rear side EQs: 3-band for stereo zone, 2-band
    etween Line an or every mono zone
  • 1 Stereo channel front-side switchable + 100Hz switchable HP filter and mic exclusion
    between Line and frontpanel-mounted 3.5mm switch for mono zones
    ete, cen nn d ‘tchabl + External output mute contact to shut down
  • Stereo channel front-side switchable master output externally
    petwcen Lig and balanced sterecFOH input |. External emergency input with adjustable
    venue’s main sound system – available on both volume for emergency signal and automatic
    front and rear] y shutdown of program signal
  • 2x Mic inputs with rear-side 1/4” TRS + 6 ammstereo jack. control and front-side
  • Single-USB option with one USB input which
  • Mic1 with additional versatile front-side can be assigned to channel 3 (ISM624USB-S]
    Combo connector + Unbalanced record output
  • Mutual voice-specific 3-Band EQ plus
    “on air” switches for mic inputs
  • Front-side talkover switch for Mic inputs with 
    rear-side adjustments for damping [for every 
    mono zone) and sensitivity [only stereo zone]
  • Master section with one stereo output zone
    (dual 10 LED level meter) and three mono
    output zones (5 LED level meters) .
  • Mono zone sources selectable from Inputs
    1-6 or stereo Master signal
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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 49 × 30 × 20 cm
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