Hartke KB15 Kickback 500W 1x15" Bass Combo
Hartke KB15 Kickback 500W 1×15″ Bass Combo
January 14, 2020
Samson MB10  Mounting Bracket for Auro 210A
Samson MB10  Mounting Bracket for Auro 210A
January 14, 2020

Hartke Bass Attack 2 Preamp/Direct Box/EQ Pedal


Bass Preamp/Direct Box with 2-band EQ and Overdrive

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The Bass Attack 2 combines Hartke‘s classic preamp/direct box circuitry and striking tone into a rugged, zinc die cast stompbox-style design. Its ultra-clean, flexible output stage and vast array of tone shaping controls include 1/4″ and balanced XLR direct outputs and Hartke‘s legendary Shape EQ, Contour and Overdrive effect.


Study of Shape

Leveraging Hartke‘s years of experience focused on the needs of bass players, the Bass Attack 2 provides unique tone sculpting capabilities. The stompbox gives players access to Hartke‘s Shape circuit, which activates a specialized preset EQ curve that can be customized using the Shape Frequency and Amount knobs. Players can also add a little extra color with the Bass and Treble knobs, along with the dedicated Contour switch.


Transient Attack

The Bass Attack 2’s Overdrive circuit provides bass players with creative control over effects ranging from subtle tube emulation to grungy fuzz. The Tone knob lets you determine the perfect amount of high-frequency growl, while a dedicated Mix knob manages the blend between distorted and dry signals.

Solid DI

Featuring a 1/4″ parallel output for dry signals, a 1/4″ effect output for your amp, and a balanced XLR direct output, the Bass Attack 2 provides flexible output options for FOH or studio recording consoles. Its direct output Pre/Post switch allows players to adjust stage sound without affecting the mix sent from the XLR to FOH. The Bass Attack 2 can also operate off of a mixer’s phantom power via its XLR jack.


Watch John Ferrara (Consider The Source) demonstrate the Hartke Bass Attack 2:


  • Bass preamp and direct box with overdrive
  • Shape EQ circuit with Frequency and Amount control
  • Bass and Treble knobs with Contour EQ switch
  • Overdrive effect with Mix wet/dry control
  • XLR direct output with Pre/Post and Ground Lift switches
  • 1/4″ parallel and effect outputs
  • Powered via two AA batteries, AC adapter (sold separately) or phantom power
  • Rugged, zinc die cast stompbox-style design


  • Input Impedance: 1 Meg Ohm
  • Output Impedance OUT: Unbalanced 1k Ohm
  • Direct Out: Balanced 400 Ohm
  • Parallel Out: same as Input Source
  • Level: +6dB to –24dB
  • Tone Controls Bass: +/- 15dB, 30 Hz
  • Treble: +/- 18dB, 20kHz
  • Contour {Switch}: Fixed Mid Scoop Curve
  • Shape Frequency: 200Hz to 800Hz
  • Amount: +15/-25dB
  • Direct Output IN/OUT {Switch} IN: Parallel Input jack, OUT: Parallel Output jack
  • LIFT/GROUND {Switch}: Isolates the Input and Direct Output signal grounds
  • Power {in jack}: 9VDC center negative
  • Batteries: 2x AA – internal up-converter to generate 9v
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