FOCAL HILO V3 Hilo Signal Converter
FOCAL HILO V3 Hilo Signal Converter
FOCAL IYBUS TELECOMANDE for Optimized driving of the 2Ibus
FOCAL IYBUS TELECOMANDE for Optimized driving of the 2Ibus



Remote for DSP

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Sculpt the sound to your ideal shape There’s a lot more to achieving high-fidelity sound than tweaking a bass knob. Focal’s FSP-8 digital signal processor gives you the power to tune your system to sound balanced, clear, and accurate. Each channel of the FSP-8 features a 10-band equalizer, extensive crossover settings, time alignment, and more. A wired remote control lets you change settings, and store and recall up to four presets from the comfort of your front seat. Works well with most systems The FSP-8 features both preamp and speaker-level inputs so it’ll work in almost any system – even one using a factory radio. After installation, you download the FSP-8 DSP MANAGER app from Focal to your Windows-run PC. From there, the user interface software lets you access the menus for Configuration, Equalizer, Crossover, and Time alignment. FSP-8 DSP MANAGER: Equalizer menu Adjustment features You can set high-pass, low-pass, and bandpass crossover filters to optimize the signal for any kind of driver you’re using – tweeter, midrange, woofer, or subwoofer. 10-band equalization on all 8 channels gives you serious control over the tone coming out every amp and speaker in your system. In order to center the stereo soundstage for the driver, you can adjust time alignment by clicking a stepper button, entering a distance or timing number, or by dragging a speaker icon in the display to the right virtual distance from the listener’s position. FSP-8 DSP MANAGER: Time alignment menu


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