FOCAL IY-AC-IMPULSE Y-adaptor for Focal Impulse 4.320
FOCAL IY-AC-IMPULSE Y-adaptor for Focal Impulse 4.320
FOCAL HILO V3 Hilo Signal Converter
FOCAL HILO V3 Hilo Signal Converter

FOCAL HILO V2 Hilo Signal Converter

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Focal Hilo V2 Stereo Amplified Signal Converter

In order to feed your amplifiers with an appropriate and qualitative audio signal, keeping your original head-units and the associated OEM controls, you can choose the converter HILO.V2.

HILO.V2 converts a stereo amplified signal in two low-level line outputs, eliminates parasitic interferences and generates separated grounds. You can now use an amplifier very simply, without any interference. It is now very easy to create a quality hi-fi install in your car.

Entirely developed by Focal, HILO is now available under generation 2. It is 100% rethought to match any OEM head-unit thanks to its DC and AC voltage detection, and providing a full compatibility with FPX range.


Bandwidth ( /- 1dB) 10 Hz – 80 kHz
Signal/noise ratio >100dB
Distortion <0.01%
Automatic remote output
Stop & Start compatible
DC detection threshold 5.2V for 14.4 V input voltage
AC detection threshold 22 mV @ 1 kHz

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 8 cm

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