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Alesis Crimson II Special Edition


Nine-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads

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Alesis Crimson II Special Edition

Nine-piece, high-quality e-drum kit with mesh heads

  • White mesh heads for improved feel and response
  • Five-piece pad set with 8/8/10-inch dual-zone toms, 12-inch dual-zone snare and 8-inch kick
  • Four-piece cymbal set with 12-inch hi-hat, (2) 12-inch crashes with choke and 14-inch triple-zone ride
  • Crimson II drum module with 74 kits (54 factory settings + 20 user kits) and 671 sounds
  • Load .WAV or .MP3 samples and play along with songs from a USB stick
  • Real-time recording (5 tracks internally; up to 99 tracks via USB stick)
  • USB/MIDI output for use with virtual instruments or recording software
  • High-quality 4-legged steel rack with quick release fasteners and double-braced snare stand
  • Connection cable, mounting accessories and power supply unit included

First-class hardware, perfect playing feel

The Alesis Crimson II Special Edition is a nine-piece electronic drum kit with mesh heads and everything a drummer needs to play drums at home or in the studio. It features an 8-inch kick drum, a 12-inch dual-zone snare, two 8-inch dual-zone rack toms and a 10-inch dual-zone floor tom, plus a 12-inch hi-hat with pedal, two 12-inch crashes with choke, and a 14-inch triple-zone ride. A high-quality, four-legged steel rack with quick release fasteners and a separate, double-braced snare stand provide the necessary sturdiness even when playing harder.

Natural response

The Crimson II Special Edition contains next-generation mesh heads – preferred by electric drummers for their natural feel and ultra-silent response – perfect for practicing late at night and developing your drumming skills.

Packed with great sounds and features

The included Crimson II drum module offers 74 drum kits (54 factory settings + 20 user kits) with 671 sounds and 120 tracks for backing tracks included. To further enhance your skills and get you ready for the studio or stage, there’s a built-in metronome, a real-time recorder and a 3.5mm input that lets you accompany songs from your smartphone or music player, for example. There is also a 6.3mm stereo output pair, a headphone output and a USB MIDI output for triggering virtual instrument plug-ins.

Load your own samples

The Crimson II drum module contains an input for USB sticks. For ultimate flexibility, you can load your own .WAV samples. Once the .WAV samples are loaded, you can assign them to any zone on any pad in the Crimson II Special Edition Kit – this means infinite possibilities in music! You can also use this input to load .WAVAll information subject to change music files for accompaniment.

Includes everything you need

The Crimson II Special Edition from Alesis inspires right out of the box and is ready to go in a flash. All necessary cables, a power supply and a tuning key are included in the package and make for quick and easy setup; even a few drumsticks are included!

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